How to start writing and blogging

When we talk about the blogging the first thing which comes to our mind is the content. content is the key to blogging success. I am going to write about the topic of how to start writing and blogging like an experienced pro? If you had researched some blogs according to your blog topic then you realized that the successful blogger has tons of content on their blog. Even some posts have more than 5000 words. An experienced pro like Neil Patel has great content and bigger posts…Continue Reading “How to Start Writing and Blogging Like an Experienced pro?”

How did you choose your profession

Are you successful now? How did you choose your profession? When I started my career as an SEO executive at that time I don’t have any idea why I am doing this or what I will get after doing the job in it.  After learning few basics things in SEO I thought I am expert now and its very easy field for me to do the job. I changed my mind to web designing field and started my career in that but after wasting my…Continue Reading “How did you choose your profession? Did you regret it?”