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11 New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018

New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018

Happy New Year 2018 guys !!! It’s time to say bye-bye to 2017. I hope you guys enjoy blogging in 2017 and got some profitable results.We need to find new ways and techniques for  2018 now. These are the New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018. It’s time to improve our self and blogs. You can see shout me loud changed their blog design so people already started work for their improvements.

We all know, we need to find new ways to our blog as things changing very fast day by day. As a professional blogger, We must find new ways to attract visitors to our blog. We can achieve our goals in blogging if we have high traffic on our blog. We should have some plan for improvement whether it is for blog ads or affiliate marketing.

But the question is, How to stay true to your word of doing better in the coming year. Here are some few tips you should take care in 2018:-

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1) Unique and Fresh Content:-

Content is the key to Blogging and we all know this thing very well.Try to improve your content strategy about the topics. Find the topic which people are looking for and you need to do research deeply for it.

Content should be unique in the posts but don’t forget the graphics as well. If you can use your own pictures in the post that will be a great idea. There are many tools you can use for photo editing so you can use them as well.

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2) I will publish new content within week:-

You can get traffic from many different sources like social media and paid advertisement etc. But we all know if our website ranking on Google’s first page then you can get a high volume of traffic on your website. There are many tips to improve SEO ranking and Traffic. which you can follow for your website.

If you are serious about your website then post content regularly on your website. Google loves to crawl updated content. It should be your 2nd new resolution for 2018.

3) Increase my Follow List:-

I know you are looking for traffic/visitors from Google. What will you do when Google algorithms will hit your keyword ranking? Is everything over? I mean to say never depend on Google alone.

It can harm your business so try to get followers on your blog. It will help you to maintain website traffic for a long time.

There are many email tools like Aweber you can use for it. This also should be on the list of New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018.

4) I Must Learn New Writing Skills:-

Blogging is your fulltime business. You can get success in that after learning and implementing many things. Content writing is one of the most important skills you should know if you want to get success in blogging.

content writing is the key to success and you should have new blog post ideas for your website. 2017 is near to end now and you should ready for 2018.

I will learn new writing skills in 2018 for my blogging. It should be at the 4th number on your New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018 list.

5) Using a Better Hosting:-

If you are doing blogging for a long time. Your blog/website will grow for sure if you are trying the good tactics. In that case, your blog traffic will grow automatically and it will make your server slow.

I mean to say blog respond slowly because of heavy traffic. My 5th resolution for you is to work hard for your website and increase the traffic. You should use secure blog hosting for your blog to make it more secure and reliable.

I would like to recommend you Bluehost for your hosting. It provides better and affordable hosting for WordPress.

6 ) I will find New Money Making Ideas:-

We are writing content for our blog as we have a passion for blogging and love to discuss things about blogging with people. But if blogging can earn money for you what you will do?

I think you will accept that for sure because hard work won rewards and you should take that home. I think you know some online source for earning money but the list is long guys.

There are many online money making programs available and you should check those once as well. It should be your New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018

7) I must start Email Marketing:-

I already mentioned at the above point you should not depends upon on Google for traffic. You need to build followers on your website. We can do this by offering some free ebooks or online courses for your readers.

You can take help from the expert Ramsay regarding it.Email marketing is a very effective way to get traffic to your website. There are many tools you can for it. I love Aweber tool for it.

You can check this one for sure. Email marketing is also a very strong method to get traffic from your followers. It helps you to keep your followers to visit your blog constantly.

8) Offering some Free Ebook for Readers:-

When you visit top blogger’s blog you will see everybody recommend their ebook. It helps them to get subscriber for their blog as we people download their ebook for reading. It’s the best method to get subscriber for your blog.

You should make this new year resolution for your blog. Write an ebook for your blog and offer a free download to your readers. I am sure they will download it. But try to write the high-quality content for your ebook.

9) I must Expand new Social Networks:-

Google is the main traffic source and we just need the right tactics to get our keyword into Google ranking. But we can’t forget the social media channels for our blog traffic. If you want to get success in blogging quickly then add social media marketing in your marketing strategy.

Make your blog visible on every social site. It will help you increase the brand value of your blog. It should be on your new year resolution list.

10) I will find my Competitors:-

Every business has competition in the market. if you are thinking blogging is a competition-free business then you are wrong. Blogging has competition also and you need to find that on Google.

Always keep tracking your competitor’s blog as it will help you to do better for your blog.You can add this to your new year resolution list.

11) Create Original content Topics:-

content topics are the main weapons of a blog to take care. If you are writing content for your blog but don’t have any idea what to write then it will difficult for you to get success in blogging.

Do your keyword research before writing anything so you can measure the value of that content. keywords research is a main task of blogging.

I will suggest you get some blog post ideas first for your blog post. Original content topics should be my New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018.

2017 is almost gone now and we are entering in 2018.These are the New Year Resolutions for Beginners Bloggers in 2018. These tips will improve your efficiency for blogging. 2018 should be the exceptionally wonderful year for you.
Blogging has potential to make you popular in few years so if you starting it then please don’t give up. You will get success for sure.