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Best Tips to improve your SEO Ranking and Traffic

best seo tips

Once the blog is ready and all content is up on the website. The next step you will see to check website traffic and ranking in the Google. Many bloggers find to writing tips for their blog. They always ignore the best part of their blog/website is SEO and traffic. When I started the blog I always tried to put the effort in writing. After completing my writing process I need to find the ranking and traffic then I realize that every section is important for a blog. Here I am explaining some tips with you:-

Internet marketing is really a great topic to learn many things so you can read these simple tips will bring traffic to your blog in 2017 as well. Here are some tips for best SEO practices:-

Follow Webmaster Rules: –

every blogger reading thousand of words about SEO on the web. Now the question is, are they really getting results after reading the information about the SEO. I mean you can’t get results only reading others blog. The webmaster is a really important tool for SEO Guys You can check your website status in it. You can check your website indexing, crawling etc in it. It’s a big tool so you can understand the things after making an account on it. Try to do things practically which will help you learn things quickly.

Content Relevancy and Quality: –

If you want to get success in SEO then another important part is content. Your content should be unique and relevant according to your website niche or product. When I started content writing many times I read your article length should be 500-800 words. There is no rule like that the post with 2000-2500 words ranks first in the Google.

Website Speed: –

Website speed is really important for SEO as well. Your website should open in seconds so if you want visitors on your website. If you will check on the web lot of plugin and ways available to improve website speed. You should take help of them.

The Role of Back links: –

Back links are really important part to get your website rank in the Google. Get quality backlinks from other blogs and site. Backlinks should be according to your website niche.

Content Readability:-

Here are so many plugins are available to check your readability score. Your post should be well written and clean for the visitors. Use proper font family and layout for the readers. It will help you to attract more visitors.

Mobile Optimization:-

I think many of you people know that from 2015 Google start penalize website which is not mobile friendly. Google is right on his way as 77% user checking things on mobile.

Website design and Navigation:-

your efforts fail if your website/blog is not properly layout section by section no one will visit your website again. Try to put your all efforts for website design and layout first.

Remove Broken Links:-

No one will like to see the page not found on your website because they don’t have time to waste for fake pages. Try to resolve all unnecessary 404 pages on your website.

Use Attractive Graphics:-

It ’s really difficult to concentrate on things which are not interesting for you. Always try to put attractive and meaning full graphics in the posts.

Everybody wants to earn money through blogging. It’s not easy to do blogging without practical practice and proper guidelines. The best blogging tips you should follow as beginners in 2017 is to read more and more. I will suggest you to try to do things practically as well as to read others blog.