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Blogging Tip: Don’t follow others just read your Brain

Best ways to get success in blogging

I always write the post according to my thinking and things which happen with me so, to be honest, I am not writing things first time for my blog I tried much time and got failed all time. I know there are so many people who suffer from same problems. Read these Best ways to get success in blogging. My post is for my special friends who got failed many times in blogging like me.

Let me clear one thing for you people failure is the part of success so accept it and move forward to get success. I read many people who said I write the blog because love it but if they will not make money for few months then they will quit for sure.

I want to say that the idea behind the blog is to make money from it and each person doing same on internet as well so don’t care about the people who will say you make blog which you have passion and topics which you will love so simple idea is to make blog which can make money for you and how to make money from that it’s your responsibility to tell your blog to do that.

Why you will wait for years to make money from your blog I know many people read that person written one year for his blog and after that, he starts earning money from it.

Actually, the problem is that he didn’t have an idea in that year how to make money through the blog and that’s the simple answer to the question why he didn’t make money for one year. If you will attend a seminar or webinar every person will tell you: – Guys it’s time to do smart work not hard work.

Right!  So what smart work you are doing for yourself write blog posts for one year and after that, I will make money because I read in that post? J . Let me share few tips with you people.

Value of Practical things: –

Many people will think yes we know this very well but how we will get success without wasting our time. It’s your problem man so only you can solve it. Yesterday I read one post How to get 10 Million visitors in one month. I read the post for 30 minutes and realize that I know all these things but how to do practically and don’t know where I can get my audience.

Is the mistake of that person who wrote a post for millions of visitors I am sure everyone will say it’s yours as you know the techniques but can’t follow them practically. Most important thing is just trying to do things practically you will get success for sure.

Find your desire first: –

Let’s start with my desire first what I want in my life so you will get an idea what I want to tell you here. My desire is simple I want to make good money from my blog and I wish every person should know about me. One more thing I will tell you when you will ask someone what you want from your blog then he/she will say I want to make my blog number 1 in the country/the world.

Now every person know if the blog is on top then bank balance will also be on top. J So live in reality and think about reality.  Now come to desire so friends just desire big like infinity and listen to your heart first if heart saying yes then the brain will catch that automatically and you will work up day-night to get success in your life.

Build new Ideas in your mind: –

In these days you can get everything on the internet and things look easy with it but the person who implemented the idea becomes the rich in a short time so always try to work with new ideas it will make you unique and if everything goes well then no one can stop you to get success.

Let’s take an example from Facebook when Mark develops the Facebook that was a unique idea. after that millions of people copy that idea and built the same but how many you know who become successful after copy that and check the Facebook which growing day by day so the thing is one idea work for one time so you can’t get things up by following other’s idea.

Don’t think deeply more than once: –

we always have an issue to change our mind again and again so if you really want success in blogging then stay focus on one topic which you start earlier. I started my first blog in health. I read that health niche has high CPC rate so try to make things happen with that. But unfortunately, the idea was not right for me as haven’t any knowledge in a field so don’t waste your time to make changes every day.

Friends just suggest you sit on a mountain and think deeply where you want to go and what you will do in future. I am sure you will get success for sure if you have one goal in your mind.

Here are my views about the blogging success. I hope you will enjoy it. I also waiting for feedback from you people as I love to discuss things about my topics and ready for challenges as well. 🙂