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How to Build High Quality Backlinks Regularly?

How to build quality backlinks

How to build quality backlinks

We are writing posts on our blog/website and have a number of posts on blogs but don’t have any ranking in the Google and other search engines yet? when I started to learn marketing people told me to build backlinks for your website. I started learning how to build quality backlinks techniques to get ranking in the search engine. Now time is changing and in 2017 old backlinks techniques are failing now.

We all know the value of backlinks in SEO. If you want to get success in SEO and blogging backlinks plays a major role in it.Backlinks help you to get ranking in search engine and if your keyword ranking high on the website you can get a high volume of traffic from search engines. We have another post for you how to build link and traffic 

In this post, I would like to share some important tips of backlinks with you people so let’s move forward with latest and real backlinks techniques.

There are many backlinks technique you should ignore in this era and will discuss those in end of the post so here are the techniques which you should use for your website/blog:-

1. Guest Blogging:-

one of the best backlinks technique is guest posting these days and it’s very popular among blogger and marketer for backlink creation.

2. Forum posting:-

Its also a very effective way to link building but forum should be relevant according to your niche.

3. Blog Commenting:-

Dofollow backlinks are good option to create quality backlinks for your website/blog.

4. Yahoo answers/Quora:-

It’s also a nice option for link building. You can ask your problem in question on both websites and can put your website there.

5. Web 2.0 Microsites:-

Web 2.0 is really helpful for website promotion. You can create microsites there for link building.

6.Write new Posts:-

Technology getting updates quickly and things are changing day by day.If you write new posts that will help you to get links quickly.

7. .edu and .gov links:-

If you really want to get authority backlinks then these links are really best for this thing.

8.Google and Yahoo Group:-

You can create groups on both search engine and can take benefits from that.

9.Long posts:-

It’s difficult to put a lot of content under each post but when you write tutorial posts you can get good backlinks from that as these posts will be long enough to get backlinks.

10. Local Business Directories:-

submit your site in local directories it will help you to get authority backlinks.

11. Social Networking sites:-

There are many top social networking sites are available for backlinks. You can get links from them.

Now you have an idea how to build quality backlinks for your website? But we have many other techniques available right now which we should ignore in this era.

Here are lists of some Unnatural Techniques:-

1. Paid Links:-

Every Blogger/Marketer knows the value of backlinks. Many of us want to buy links from high PR websites but unfortunately, Google is very strict to these links.

2. Backlinks from profiles and forums:-

Social Media sites are very helpful for website traffic and backlinks. People getting tons of traffic from it. We all know the value of social site but as we know there is so many automated software for profile creation.links from automated software is low quality and they will not give you any benefits for ranking and traffic. Try to avoid such links as we have many better option available for natural link building.
Social media sites are important for link building so please create a profile manually.You can put your link in the profile by updating it.

3.Link from Free theme:-

When I started link building I always prefer backlinks from the theme as its easiest way to get links from it. But after penguin update, these techniques fail so avoid these unnatural techniques for link building.

Private Blog Network:-

PBN technique was a very popular technique couple of years ago. But it’s not working anymore now because of Google PBN algorithm. I would recommend you to avoid this technique as well.

These are the tips you should follow for backlink creation. Looking for the best feedback from you in the comment section now.