How to promote your WordPress blog post regularly?

How to Promote Your blog for free

How to promote your blog for free? I think every blogger want the answer to this question after writing the blog post.

If you are good at writing but don’t have any idea how to promote your content then its difficult for you get success in blogging.

Blog promotion is an important part of blogging and you should promote your blog regularly. We have many ways to promote our blog.

If you don’t have any idea how to promote your blog for free then this post will be for you. Here are some tips on how to promote your blog for free:-

1) onsite optimization:-

When we talk about the blog promotion the first thing which comes to our mind is on site optimization.

Content is important for SEO but onsite optimization is also an important part of blog promotion if your content post is SEO friendly there are more chances to get ranking in Google.

There are many tools and software available for onsite optimization but I use Yoast SEO plugin for it. You should check this plugin for sure.

2) Use Social Media Channel:-

We have strong techniques to promote our blog these days is social media channels. We can promote our posts through both paid and freeway. There are many channels like
StumbleUpon/Mix (Stumbleupon move to mix now)

3) Post Content on a Regular Basis:-

Google love the content and if you are very regular in content posting then thereĀ are more chances to get success quickly in blogging.

Regular content creation improves you page authority which helps to improve your keyword ranking in Google.

The content writing should be your permanent routine but yes We should write 2-3 posts in a week for regular content flow.

4) Be active in Online forums:-

Forum Posting is one of the best ways to promote your blog for free. Discuss things in the form’s thread and help others to reach their goal.

Once you will become popular on forum sites then other readers will check your signature for sure.

5) Use Blog commenting for promotion:-

There are thousands of blog available on the internet for blogging and similar niche which you are targeting.

comments on their blog and try to read those posts. It will help you to increase your reading skills as well as for your promotion.

Blog Commenting is a very good technique to get good backlinks and it helps you to promote your blog in front of other bloggers.

6) post your content on social Bookmarking Sites:-

It’s not easy to get visitors on your new post if you don’t have any followers or big email list.
If you will take help of social bookmarking sites it will help you to get some valuable traffic.

There are many social bookmarking sites available where you can post your content like:-
Reddit etc.

7) Benefits of the Hashtag:-

Social sites are an important part of business these days, Business without social profiles are not successful these days. Social presence is a must for each small and business.

A hashtag can help you to get relevant audience according to your content piece. Find hashtag according to your need as it will help you to get some traffic for sure.

8) Use of Guest Posts:-

Guest posting is a great way to promote your blog post. If you are a new blogger and have many followers then it will not easy for you to get traffic on the new blog post.

Guest Posting is a great way to promote your piece of content on someone’s else blog. You can show people to reach your blog by guest posting as its a white hat technique to promote your blog post.

You can increase the traffic and authority of your blog with guest posting. When you increase the authority there are more chances to increase your ranking in search engine.

9) Interlink Content on a Regular Basis:-

When you post content on your blog sometime it relates to your old content post. Interlinking with old posts can help you to get some traffic you can transfer the traffic from old posts to new.

It will help you to increase the reach of your blog. I will suggest you interlink your posts on regular basis.

10) Increase your subscriber and followers:-

The above ideas are important for how to promote your blog for free but if you have your own subscription list then it will help you a lot.

always provide the subscription on your blog to get subscribers like any type of ebook or guide. Subscriber will always open your email if are writing a great post or topic.

On the other hand, social media is also an important part to get traffic on your posts or blog. Increase your followers’ list on social media channels it will help you to get visitors on regular basis.

Every person use different ways to promote content and blog so now it’s your turn to tell how to promote your blog for free? What are your favorite methods to promote your blog? Please share your views in comment sections.