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How to start Blogging Journey: Blogging guide

Blogging Guide

How To Start Blogging From Scratch?

In the past blogging was a passion to write things about the different-2 topics and Skills. Now the blogging is a full-time business for many blogger and list is increasing day by day.Many People want to make their career as a blogger. I think people are right as the blogging is growing exceptionally well. If you don’t know how to start blogging then this guide is really helpful for you. I will discuss each and every step here which will help you to become the successful blogger. Let’s start your journey to blogging success.

1) Planning for Your Blog:-

Planning is very important for every business either you are working for a blog or going to build another online business.In blogging, you also should have a plan for your blog.Here are some tips for planning:-

#1 Inspiration:-

There is always a story behind the successful business or person. If you are making mind for blogging then I will suggest you read some great authors People who already successful in your niche. It will boost up your confidence and will help you start blogging from scratch.

#2 what you want to write:-

Before writing this guide I did research for a long time like what should I write and what I will post on the blog. Content will be your product on your blog from there you can earn money. if you don’t know what you will write then it will be difficult for you to make success in blogging.Here are the infinite blog post ideas to make your blog successful.

#3 How much you can Post:-

You can become a successful blogger by posting content on your blog only. Content is the only key to success in blogging.People who write the 4-5 post a week have more chance to get success.But you are beginner still yet so 2X posts a week are mandatory. Create strategies for posts when and which post you will upload on website.

#4 Market Research:-

If you are very new to the blogging then let me tell you one thing there are more than 50 WordPress website making daily.You can check the number for the whole month. Before starting things in blogging you should research presence of your niche in the market. For this purpose, you should have little bit knowledge about the keyword research. There are many keyword research tools are available in the market but I like these ones; the First one is keyword planner and the second one is a long tail pro.  The second one will be paid but you can start the trial by $1. It’s not bad to invest $1 for your lifetime business.

So these are tips you should follow for your planning. I hope it will give little bit idea about how to start blogging. After reading the plan for blogging the next thing is what you will get with blogging.

2) what you can achieve with blogging:-

When you start something to do the first thing comes to your mind what you will achieve with this? You will get the same thing in blogging. You should have Idea what you will achieve after start working for blogging.Here are some benefits of blogging:-

#1 Start your Business:-

If you will work on your blog for regular basis then it will become your full-time business very soon. Blogging has strong power to earn money strongly and quickly.

#2 Become a Writer:-

one of the best ways to become a writer is to write pages and pages, day by day. You can become the best writer with practice only.

#3 Establish Yourself as an Expert:-

When you work for any task with full motivation and hard work you will become an expert in that field. Blogging is the best way to become an expert in digital marketing so if you are good in blogging you can establish yourself as an expert.

#4 Build Trust with your online Family:-

You can do marketing by paid methods etc. but you can’t buy trust on the web you need to be very strict about your content quality and work. If your followers do trust you then you can simply earn money from affiliate marketing by referring high quality of products/services.

#5 Improve your Marketing Skills:-

This is the best part you can learn in blogging. Marketing plays important role in the blogging success and you can learn marketing by implementing the ideas. Blogging is the best way to improve your marketing skills.

#6 Get a Good Job:-

You will become an expert in marketing by blogging and it will help you to get a good job. If you want to learn marketing I will suggest blogging for it.
Now after reading planning and achieving the next part is blogging categories.Here are some popular categories:-

3) What are the popular blogging categories

Here is the another thing that you want to know about the blogging.Choosing a niche is very important for your blogging career. Every category has its own value and importance. It’s difficult for you if you don’t have any knowledge about the particular topic. I will suggest you Choose a topic which you are familiar with because it will help you to grow quickly in your niche. Here are some important category which you can check once:-

#1 How to Make Money:-

Most important category for blogging. If you will do research on this topic you will see every blogger working for money and they are looking for money from their blog. It’s one of the easiest topic on blogging and even beginner blogger can work for this as well.

#2 Health and Fitness:-

If you want to earn money quickly from blogging the health niche is best for you. It’s really popular but it’s difficult to monetize if you don’t have any idea what you are doing. CPC of health niche is also high so if you have good traffic on your blog you can earn good money from AdSense. Affiliate Marketing is also very popular to generate revenue from your blog. You can check Amazon affiliate programs for it.

#3 Personal Finance:-

Personal finance is also a very good for blogging. There are many blogs can be available for this category. But yes if you have potential in the same category you can make your blog successful as well.

#4 Food:-

If you love food and love to cook new recipes then this category for you.

#5 Beauty and Fashion

Trends are changing day by day and there is much content available in this category. It will be fine for you to make your blog full of content.

There are thousands of categories are available and you can choose the topic on which you have interest. I just tried to put important and popular category here.

Blog or Domain Name:-

Now the next thing you will check your blog name or domain name. It’s also an important factor of blogging. You need a unique domain name for your blog. If you need help please follow these steps once.

#1 Choose easy and simple:-

There are millions of domain name available on the web so you need to pick right one for you. Try to choose a domain name which is simple to type and people can remember that quickly.

#2 Short Length:-

It’s really important to keep your domain name short. People can write the short URL easily as a long domain can create issues in misspelling etc.

#3 Target your Niche and Market:-

Pick your domain name according to your niche.Many people skip this option. I will suggest you try to think forward as you will make this domain a company name in future.

#4 Use a proper extension:-

If you want to target the whole world with your blog/website then the .com extension is best for your blog and rest of the things you can check according to your location or country.

#5 Quick Action:-

People searching domain daily for their business so if you have a domain name in your mind grab it quickly before the other guys.
so there are the tips you can check before buying the domain name You can check Bluehost to purchase a domain name.

Best Blogging Platform:-

The blogging platform is also a very important part of blogging.Here I am going to show you some important blogging platform for your blog.

#1 WordPress.org:-

When we talk about the blogging platform wordpress.org is one of the best blogging platform is available right now for blogger. WordPress is an open source software where we can create the websites and blog.

#2 Blogger:-

Blogger offers a quick and easy way to create blogs.Blogger provides free hosting service for bloggers.

#3 Tumbler:-

Tumbler is very effective tool for bloggers as well. Its different from other platforms as its comes microblogging platform.Its free and very easy to use.

#4 Medium:-

If you don’t know any coding skills its suits you best. It’s a microblogging website with limited social sharing features. But you can’t run your own ads on this platform which is the biggest drawback of this platform.

#5 WordPress.com/org:-

Many people confuse about wordpress.org and wordpress.com. It’s very popular blogging platform between bloggers.Wordpress.org is self-hosted service provided by the WordPress. Its one of the most popular platform because you will get full control on it.

In wordpress.com you will get most of the features from WordPress but it works on WordPress server and its the biggest drawback of wordpress.com. If you have some money for investment wordpress.org is best for you.

These are the basic tips you should follow for beginners. Research is the most important part of blogging. You should do complete research before moving forward. I am waiting for your response now. Please let me know in comment section.. 🙂