How to Start Writing and Blogging Like an Experienced pro?

How to start writing and blogging

When we talk about the blogging the first thing which comes to our mind is the content. content is the key to blogging success. I am going to write about the topic of how to start writing and blogging like an experienced pro? If you had researched some blogs according to your blog topic then you realized that the successful blogger has tons of content on their blog.

Even some posts have more than 5000 words. An experienced pro like Neil Patel has great content and bigger posts on his blog. How they people manage to write such big stories and content. Before moving forward, If you have any doubt why you should become a writer and blogger? Read this guide How did you choose your profession?  So now let’s start How to start writing and blogging guide. To become a skillful writer and  blogger, follow a few basic steps:

1. Critical things should consider for writing:-

When you write an article for your blog there are some points you should keep in mind for successful writing. I will suggest you check things like spellings, grammar and transitions make sense and flow.
When you write content to make an awesome introduction to capture readers attention. People like questionable introductions on the post.
Next thing I would recommend you the title of the post. The title should be small and attractive for each post as a search engine can read 70 characters only. If you are using title more than 70 characters Google will cut your title to 70 characters in the results so keep that thing in mind. Choose your title accurate and SEO friendly.

2. Pickup interesting topics in your niche:-

It’s not an easy task for you to find an interesting topic as a beginner. We all know the content is king in all format of marketing so blogging will also depend on content. If you don’t have an idea about the content you need to do a lot of research on the topic first. Its an important task in blogging but can be a time wasting as well.

According to me, an idea doesn’t come to the mind when you researching about it or finding some ways to write. It can happen anytime in your mind either you are talking to someone about any blog topic or reading a book etc.

I will suggest you save that idea in your draft for future writing. But It can be possible if you are a blogging lover because it’s not easy to think every time about one thing. If you are in love with someone you can think about that for sure. so if you are reading this post it means you are blogging a lover. You should not worry about your love now 🙂

Now if you follow this method there should be a list of the topic in your draft to follow. But yes researching also important before writing anything about that as well. In this case, you have any idea on which you are going to do a search and it will help you to write posts quickly for your blog.

and The only way to become an expert in blogging is to write, write and write. If you are writing things regularly you will get the content easily and effectively for your blog.

3. Improve your grammar and writing skills:-

Now one thing comes into our mind is How to start writing and blogging and the solution is to write, write and write. You can improve your writing skills only by practicing it. Yes, grammar is also important for writing skill but you can use tools to make grammar perfect.

It’s not an easy task to write more than 2000 words on a particular topic. You should have a great practice of writing to do it. I will suggest you write daily on a particular topic. It will help you to write more and more.

4. Tell your content like story:-

People to love to read stories so if you have the ability to show your content like a story then no one can beat you in blogging. Every article has its own requirements but yes when you make it like a story people love to read and share your story with others.

5. Learn the basics of SEO in blogging:-

We all know if you have a lot of content on your blog and website but don’t have any traffic on it your efforts will go in waste.

There are many ways to get traffic for your blog but SEO is one of a most cost-effective way to get traffic on your blog.

Its free of cost and has great power to make your blog popular. When you write content for your blog keep SEO in mind. Try to make your post SEO friendly. There are many tools but I use Yoast SEO plugin so you can find according to your choice.

6. Design a good blog to attract users:-

When we create a website or blog then the first thing which comes to our mind is the design of the blog.

Website and blog both are different things and in designing also we have the different options. There can be multiple sections and products on the website so website designs will work according to that.

In the blog, It works like a newspaper where you can share the latest news about your product or services. Blog design should be simple and attractive. Design should be effective for reading.

7. Study the ways of Successful Bloggers:-

There are expert in every field and area. Blogging also has many experts and they are doing great in blogging. You should follow them to get some great knowledge and idea about the blogging.

8. Give yourself some time:-

Things do not happen in a night for every time. How to start writing and blogging is a long-term process and there is no shortcut in it. More you work on it more experience you will get.

When you are not earning money from any source its difficult for you to invest in that so blogging will not earn for you from the first day. In the starting, you will rely on SEO and social media help for the promotion of your content.

SEO is a long-term process so give your blog some time for proper indexing and traffic from search engine. More content you will write then more indexing you will get.
It will increase your chance to get more traffic from Google on your blog. when you start earning from a blog you can start paid promotion for your content.

But in starting you should give some time to your blog because you will not get good results from paid promotion as well.

9. Call to action in each post:-

When people visit your blog they should stay for a long time on your blog. It will improve your bounce rate and will help you with SEO.
Always try use call to action like what people write after this post, download ebook. subscribe form, etc. call to action is a really important feature for your blog what people are doing after visiting your blog.

These are the above options you should care about How to start writing and blogging. Discussion is must on each topic and I am open to it. I think you have an idea How to start writing and blogging like experinced pro now?

I would love your thoughts and recommendations for this post for improvement.