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How to build your blog post for new website : Blogging Help

how to write best post on your blog

What features should a great blog Post include?

When we talk about the blogging. The first thing which comes to our mind that what we will write for our blog? We all know if we are not consistent with our writing process it will be difficult for us to get success in blogging. content is key to success in blogging. There are many ways to get success in blogging but now the thing is:- how to write best post on your blog in 2018

I am going to share this topic with this guide. First of all, you should have blog post ideas for your post but as we know it’s not an easy task to do as well.

If you are going to write an SEO topic with 300-400 words according to the post rule. You can write that easily but do you think that will make you successful in blogging?  I know you came in blogging for success and you want that quickly so here are some tips on How to write best post on your blog in 2018.

In this post, I will try my best to show you the best ways to write your blog. Every expert recommending you to write long posts for your blog with 2000+ words as the longer post has more chance to get ranking in search results.

The complete guide to building your blog post

1) Keyword Research:-

The most important step I will suggest keyword research. It’s an on-page SEO process but its really important to write your post with keywords in your mind. If you don’t know what your target audience searching then what you will write for them.

There are many tools are available for keyword research like keyword planner and long tail pro

2) On Page SEO for Blog Post:-

The second option I would like to suggest is On page SEO of your blog post. We all know there are many factors which we need to do for our ranking in Google search results. On page, SEO is one of them. Google follows his own rules to verify our website.

When you are doing on page practice for your post you need to concentrate on following things:-

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta Tag
  3. Post content
  4. URL of post
  5. Image alt text

3) Use of Practical Things:-

Blog posts are the products of your blog and you need to make them best. Competition is high and you need to do better and better with your competitors.Posts with simple generic content are over now.

If you want to attract visitors to your blog you need to add practical things on your website like eye catchy graphics and example for practical things through infographics.

4) Link your old post with the current:-

If you want to make your post stronger then link your old posts to your current one. It will make your post stronger in search engine for ranking.Try to link post on the same topic together. It will improve your authority as well. Here you can see one example of it:-

How to write best blog post for your blog

5) Write the Long posts:-

If you want to run longer then the long posts can do it for you only. Try to write posts with 2000+ words and optimize them in Google for ranking. The long post performs well in search engine. See the difference here:-

How to write best post for your blog

6) Make your post Attractive:-

In upper point as I said use practical things in your posts so people can get some real knowledge about your post. This point is also same as upper one but in this, I will suggest you add some eye catchy graphics in your post. People will read it happily.

7) Reach the New People:-

It’s always good if you have your loyal followers on your blog and they are reading your post regular basis. You will get traffic on your blog but your revenue will decrease because of old customers.Try to find unique visitors constantly and your revenue will increase automatically. Write your posts according to research as it will help you to know what people are actually looking for.

8) Keep your focus on Freshers:-

No one is expert in their field even Google also finds ideas from people like you. I will suggest you write your content according to people needs if you are reading this post It means you are a beginner in the blogging but don’t worry after few month others will read your posts like you.

9) Provide Quality reference Material:-

When we read any post the first thing comes our mind is that this person expert in blogging. But it’s not true the person writing this post also following other experts like Neil Patel and smart passive income. If you want success in blogging then don’t break the trust of your followers. Always provide them quality reference material.

These are things which you should take care of while writing the blog posts for your blog. I think you have now little how to write best post on your blog in 2018?

Now the post is ready and you achieved all target which I mentioned above. what will be your next step on your blog? How you will make your blog post successful from the crowd. Next step will be the Advertisement and promotion of your blog post.

How to do Advertisement and promotion of your blog post:-

If you are writing continuously and have a number of post on your blog but don’t have any traffic then it will difficult for you to get success in blogging. In that case, you need to do advertisement and promotion of your blog.  Let’s read the different type of strategy for blog post promotion:-

1) You should have an email list:-

Everybody wants traffic from Google and they are right as well. I also want my website on top in Google. But the question is, What you will do when Google algorithm will hit your keyword ranking? What other option we have and what we can do in that case?

A big email list can help you in that situation. If you have thousands of subscriber in your email list then they will help you to get your momentum back on Google again. I will suggest you use Aweber for your email marketing purpose.

2) Put Some Paid Ads:-

Every business needs marketing and blogging is also a permanent business of your so you should not hesitate to invest some money in it. Try some paid ads on Google Adwords and Facebook.

3) Add backlinks to your post:-

Backlinks play a major role in keyword ranking and everybody know this thing very well. Try to build some great links to your post. It will help you to get some ranking on the Google.

4) Post some Guest Posts:-

Guest Post still remains a very effective method for link building and you should take benefit from it. Write some high-quality post and contact the website owners for guest posting. Guest websites should be popular and high domain authority.

5) Blog Commenting:-

Blog Commenting is also a good option for link building so give praise to some high-quality blogs.It will help you to build links and connection both for your blog. There are many options available for high quality link building . Every person has different link building plans so if you have any please let me in the comment section.

Here we are covering 2 topics one is how to write best post on your blog in 2018 and another is the advertisement and blog promotion. Now I will put some efforts for blog planning.

Do you have a plan for your next blog post? If yes then its good to hear from this but if you don’t have then you should check these once:-

1) Research:-

I am writing this post after researching a lot of material so if you are thinking I wrote this post in 2 days then you are wrong. I did research on the same topic and I think without research its difficult for me to write 500 words. Research is really important part of blogging so keep it on high priority.

2) Help:-

I know you are a genius because you choosing the blogging as your career option…:) But let me tell you one thing if you want to achieve something big in your life then you need the help of others for sure. If you will work alone you can run fast but can’t achieve the best results.
I am writing this post today and after few weeks or months, I will edit this post for sure. Now the thing you can’t handle whole things alone like content writing, Marketing, Editing etc. You need the assistant for that help. I will suggest you add some great people to your team.

3) New Posts Takes Time:-

I want to rank this blog post on the first page of Google tomorrow. Do you think its possible in one day? It may be possible for some posts but not always. Google has some rules for keyword ranking and some time it takes a long time for ranking. I will suggest you give time your post for indexing. Do some real off page SEO techniques for keyword ranking. You can take help from this post How to build backlinks for your blog?

We all know blogging is a practical thing so it’s really important for you to implement ideas on your blogs. We all need help with our content or optimization so read top bloggers and try their ideas on your blog. You can get success in blogging by implementing the practical things.

I am closing the post here now so now it’s your turn to tell me what you think about the post and if you agree with my ideas please share this post with your friends. If you have any suggestions for me then please let me know in the comment section.