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Infinite Blog Post Ideas to Make Your Blog Successful

Blog Post Ideas

 Blog Post Ideas

In the morning when each blogger open his blogs the first thing come his mind is what I will write today for my blog? Do you want Blog post ideas? Each single blogger has own way to research things, some of them are using Google to find Ideas. Is that really worth for you? We all know Google is the best place to find things but after taking an idea from that we will put our post again in Google for indexing.

Let’s take an example, I have a t-shirt of blue color and if shopkeeper will try to sell me same shirt again in red color. Do you think I will purchase that again? So the theory is if you are posting things on Google with a different title but your way is same like example post. You can’t go long with that method.Content should be fresh and unique for long term blogging.

Today I am showing you how to find posts for your blog and from where you will get the Ideas of Blog Posts.

But before moving forward on a topic you should have an idea How to make money online with your blog. After reading the first post you should have an idea how to increase traffic quickly for your blog.

And if you have an idea of these couple of things then we should move forward to our business as it’s a long journey ahead. I have infinite ideas to make your blog successful in your niche.

How to find new blog Post ideas?

When I started blogging I always write posts after researching the things on Google and doing the same right now as well. But for blog post Ideas, I always prefer these tools.

1) BuzzSumo:-

The best tools to find the top ideas for your posts because it has strong ability to show you best post in your niche. See screen shot where you can see top post in term of social share etc.

Blog Post Ideas By buzzsumo

 Image Source

 2) Quora: –

One of the best website to get an answer on any topic and it’s really easy to use. It also helps you to get traffic to your blog from it.
By searching any topic: -You can simply search any topic on which you want to write a post. You will get many ideas in the results for the same query. Check the screenshot for more detail.

quora share

Image source

3) Keyword Research:-

There are many keywords tools are available in the market for keyword research.If you ask me for best premium tools then the long tail pro is best for me. If you want to check please Click Here! You should pay special attention to keyword research. It’s really important for you to get ranking in the Google search results after posting the article.

55 blog post Ideas

Image Source

SEO Pressor:-

One of the best blog post ideas generator is seppressor.com. You can get more relevant results by describing your blog titles, keywords etc.

Blog Title Generator
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Now the Best Blog post Ideas you will get here:-

1) Try with the Top word: –

People always love to grab the best things on the internet; Many People find things with “top 10 blogging sites, top 10 SEO tools etc.” Do research on special things for Blog post Ideas and make a proper post for them.

2) Give your followers Motivation: –

If you are successful bloggers I am sure you have a lot of blog post ideas for your followers. Try to motivate them with your earnings, traffic reports etc.

3) Explore your Marketing Secrets:-

It’s difficult for share your secrets with your follower’s.But if you are loyal to them and showing them right path I am sure they will love you as well. Try to give them some hidden ideas for their niche.

4) Share your past: –

After getting the satisfying results from your blog share your experience with your followers. People love real things so try to be real with them. Life is the part of ups and down. You can help the younger blogger by sharing your mistakes and experience.

5) Share your earning and Financial Report: –

I think every blogger doing hard work to make money. We all know it’s not easy to make things happen in overnight though. Motivate people with your income, traffic reports etc.

6) Deep guide on any topic: –

Every blogger trying their best to help their followers but I am sure no one can be expert in all things. Try to guide people on a particular topic which you are the expert.

7) Implement New things and share them with people: –

I am adding this in blog post ideas because every person following each other to write the things. Try to be unique by implementing new methods.

8) Write about your Travelling:-

Many bloggers traveling to different -2 countries to attend the seminars. Share your experience about the journey with your followers.

9) Your success and failures: –

You are the best for your followers so motivate them with your story. It will help them to motivate for blogging.

10) Recent Events: –

If you have any idea about the latest event then you can write on that. If events match your niche that would be a great thing.

11) Collect your Best Posts:-

This can be a nice blog post idea for your followers. You can feature your best blog posts to them.

12) Social Media Success: –

Social media is a very important source of traffic. Share your social media success with your followers. Collect the most social media post from your blog.

13) Blog security: –

Teach bloggers how to secure their blog from hackers. It’s really useful for them to save their blog.

14) Publish Ebook:-

Ebooks are trending day by day so it will be a great idea to publish your EBook and promote that on your blog.

15) Create your interesting list:-

Every Blogger has a list of tools, website etc. shares that with your followers. They will love it as a gift. Check Image for example.

Blog Post Ideas

Image Source

and lists can be many types like:-

#16 ABC free ways to get ranking.

#17 ABC tips to control spamming.

#18 ABC ways to make money.

Note:;- Using ABC characters for numbers because the number can be different in each list.

19) Use How to Word:-

We normally use “How to” words much time for searching in Google. It will be a great idea to write a post on it.Here are some examples of this:-

Best Blog Post Ideas

Image Source

20) Real Facts:-

Every successful blogger has real facts to share with your followers. Real facts like How I get 10000 traffic in 3 months, How I am earning $500 each day from my blog etc. There are many posts you can write on the same topic.

I put this post name as Infinite because the above ideas are best in every niche. You can write thousands of posts on every title. If you will work like this I am sure you will get success in blogging very quickly. Every person should try these blog post ideas for best results.

One more important thing, The list will remain active in future as well. I will update it soon as I mentioned infinite Blog post ideas so stay tuned for the update. If you have any suggestion about the content or have any question please feel free to add a comment.