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Simple tips will bring more traffic to your blog in 2018

How to get traffic for your blog

You are writing the posts from last 2 months and still don’t have any traffic on the blog. I think every blogger out there read daily about how to get traffic for your blog and I am sure every person knows about what to do for traffic. Every blog or article on this will teach you about the traffic and almost 80% will say you to do guest blogging, choose keywords according to the post, Write the content on daily basis, SEO is the measure part for traffic etc.

Now the question is How many people can implement things correctly after reading others blog or article. You will see I always write things which happen with me so will tell you what I do to get traffic but yes some people will say what he can teach us as he has 5 posts on his blog yet. I am not blogger guys who want to earn money from my blog so working as an online marketer and I work for my client to get ranking in Google. But I love to earn money as well so will get the chance then will earn for sure.

Let’s back on the work now so here are some tips for you people:-

Know Your Audience first: –

I would like to ask a question is what type of traffic you want on the blog? I know many people will say traffic is traffic so doesn’t matter which type of it is. We just want traffic and clicks on ads that’s all and dollars will flow into our account.  My friends, it is 2018 all people know what is Adsense and if anybody addicted to watching things on YouTube I am sure Adblock will be there on their browser.

I would like to say that target the same market traffic only as it will help you to get visitor again and again on the website. If you will ping your post in health group on facebook then why people of health field will check your technology blog and if anybody opens it that will be temporary visit so he/she will never back again so try to attract people with same field or niche.

The role of Social Media:

– There are many social sites are available on the web right now and each website working well in his department and millions of people using them and each person have multiple accounts on the number of websites. Let’s we take an example of it as well. I have social accounts on number of website like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. and now you want me to make visitor of your website then why you following me to catch everywhere just put your whole focus at one place and I am sure can visit your website from that one account as well so save your time.

I mean to say there is only one social site is enough to make you successful but the thing is how much you concentrating on that as many people use more than 10 social sites to attract visitors at same time. Facebook has millions of user and they are increasing day by day so if you can convert some of them to your website that will enough for you to get success. Website’s branding in all social accounts is important but you can’t invest at all simultaneously.

The role of Backlinks: –

According to me and many other people also agrees that guest posting is the best way to get quality backlinks. I know every blogger or marketer want to generate links through guest posting. When I started to do marketing I always read that backlinks with high PR blogs provide more benefit to our website. How many people agree that links are links so doesn’t matter it’s high or low PR? I mean to say here is always link to the blog who has high reputation on the web as compared to your blog. You will see your blog on another level by getting the link from best blogs.

The role of Infographics: –

We are all knows infographics becoming popular day by day and people concentrating on it more now. Many people left this option blank in their website marketing plan but if you are serious about your blog or website so don’t ignore this strong technique of website promotion. People love to watch graphics as it’s easy to read and its attractive color also attract the visitors. I know people feel it’s difficult to build awesome infographics but once they will know the power of it then they can’t simply ignore this powerful technique.

The role of content: –

Content is the king in SEO and every professional knows about it and they also know the importance of it as well so write your content SEO friendly according to the Google webmaster rules.

Here are some simple and important tips for you people. I will also love to read your feedback about it and stay tuned for my next article.