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Easy & Simple ways will help you to earn money quickly

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Simple Ways to Make Money

Money is very important part of our life. There are many simple ways to make money on the internet.Now day’s people who have millions of rupees/dollars rule the country. They set the standard of living and make many followers. But all successful people become rich with their hard work and business ideas. Now we have many ways to earn money online for our family and loved ones. All method requires hard work and patience.Now we have many online money making programs.

Many people are following these online sources as well. I will try my best to show you some simple ways to make money making Ideas. You can earn money quickly with these methods:-

Affiliate Marketing: –

One of the best and quick money making program is affiliate marketing. If you want to become a millionaire in quick time then affiliate marketing in a really effective way to earn money. But we have some reason why will real affiliate marketing not work for you. You can use affiliate marketing in many ways like:-

Personal Blog: –

If you have a personal blog and you getting good traffic on it. You can use affiliate ads on it and earn good commission from it. It’s a very popular and effective way to earn money.

Face book fan page: –

Facebook is a very popular website and we all know it has a strong reputation in many big businesses. If you have good followers on your Facebook fan page then you can use affiliate ads for on that as well.

Twitter Account: –

social websites ruling the internet nowadays. Twitter is also a very popular website. You should have an account on twitter with many followers with the same niche. Use affiliate ads there to earn commission from different –different products.

YouTube video: –

Earning from youtube is very popular in recent days. Many people earning money from their videos. You can use affiliate links there as well.

These are the tips where you can use affiliate ads or products for earning. There are many websites providing affiliate links for marketer/blogger. Some of them are Clickbank, Amazon, clickz etc.
Affiliate marketing is a really strong method for earning so if you have any knowledge or experience in it then you can get real benefit from it.

There are many affiliate marketer available on the internet but personally, I follow the Patric chan.He has great knowledge of his subject and you can read his books as well. If you want to know about him then Click Here! to know more.


Now another method which I love for monetize is Adsense. Adsense is an advertisement placement method from Google which helps the blogger to earn money from online mode. It is based on CPC (cost per click) method. You can use ads by putting small HTML code on your web page. Google will crawl your website and shows relevant, target ads on a web page.

How exactly Google Adsense Works:-

Adsense is very simple and easy for us to monetize our blog. You need to put a simple HTML code in your webpage for advertisement. Google loves relevancy and always show the relevant ads according to your web page.
If you are promoting the keywords like best t-shirts, clothes etc. Google spider crawl your website and will show relevant ad according to your content.

PTC Website:-

Another method I will suggest you PTC website for online earning. You can’t become rich with PTC website but you can add this in online earning. You can earn by clicking ads on PTC website. In returns, the PTC website will share some cents with you.

There are many websites available on the internet which offer these services. Some of them are:-

Clicxsense: –

it’s one of the best PTC websites for online earning. You can click dozens of ads there for earning. You should check this website for sure.They offer $10 for one lucky click if you participate in the contest. If you have your luck with you then you can earn $10 with one single click.

Ojooo: –

Ojooo also a good platform for online earning. You can also earn money from there by clicking ads.If you have your luck with you then you can earn $5 by clicking contest based ads.

There are many websites are available for online so you can check that as well. If you want to know more websites then please let me know I will suggest more.

Freelancing: –

It’s an also great source of earning from the internet but for this, you should have a skill to earn money. Digital marketing, SEO, PHP, WordPress and Shopify stores are trending on the freelancing sites right now. If you have any skill from above list then you can earn good money. Here is some website for freelancing.
1) upwork.com
2) guru.com
3) Freelancer.com
4) peopleperhour.com

Here is some online money earning tips I hope you will like and follow these wonderful tips. If you know any tips then Please suggest me as well. For affiliate marketing and Adsense, you should have thousands of traffic on your blog/website. I will suggest you always follow best tips to improve your SEO ranking and traffic Try to build your connection with people online and follow SEO rules to get success in affiliate marketing and AdSense earning.