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Easy & Best Way to Earn Money from Your Twitter Account.

ways ways to earn money from twitter

Did you hear anyone say that I am earning money from twitter? How people earning money from twitter. There are
many ways to earn money from twitter. Twitter is the key part of the social campaign.

You can earn money on twitter without selling your own services or product. However, you don’t have a blog to earn money.

You just need to create an account on twitter but the account should be interesting niche like technology, education, make money online etc. Suppose there are millions of people following the same niche “make money online” and you tweet the same content according to the niche.

So now the question is: How we can earn money with this? The same we work on our blogs for sponsoring links and advertisement. Let’s read some tips on it.

1) MyLikes: –

Mylikes is an ad platform which we use on youtube, blog, and Tumblr.There are many businesses looking for advertisement on twitter and other platforms. They can schedule their tweet timing with you from your account and you can charge according to your plan like weekly or per tweet.

2) Rev Twt: –

It’s also an advertising platform on Twitter.You can charge money according to your reputation on Twitter. You can payout by PayPal after completing $20 in your account.

3) Twittad: –

One of the best way to earn money from twitter is twittad. Its offers twitter user the opportunity to monetize their stream in very good manner. Twittad is a very good website and it has very simple and readable content on their website which you can understand easily. If anybody wants to advertise about their business they can use entire twitter system for their campaign. You just need to sign up for the twello.com and read instruction their which help you understand the things about the twello.

4) Ad.ly:-

It works like redirector for clicks to earn money from the advertiser. In this type of ad, you need to wait for the click skip adoption. When people click on these ads you will get the money according to your campaign.

5) Sponsored Tweets: –

sponsored tweets are also a good and popular option to make money on twitter. In this, you need to set your own price according to your choice. You can choose tweet according to your choice for a sponsor. You should have some followers on your account for clicks.

I tried to cover many things here in this post so if you have covered anything with twitter or earning money through twitter please share your experience with us or have anything which I left in the post please recommend that as well.