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Why these 5 harsh truths will make you successful blogger?

truths will make you successful blogger

Truths Will Make You Successful Blogger

When I started blogging I read many people who are writing about the positive things like how much they are earning and how much traffic they are getting on website/blog. Even legends will tell you how much money you can earn through blogging, Affiliate marketing etc. Did you find anyone who says you should not work on blogging? I think every blogger, entrepreneur teaching you how to get this, how to earn money, how to get traffic? Let me clear few hidden truth of bloggers and their lives.These are truths will make you successful blogger for sure. I hope after reading this you will understand what you need to do as a blogger. Here are some points:-

1) You don’t have any Idea what People actually want: –

I am writing the post about best guest blogging sites, the best-earning method on the internet. Do you think in 2017 people looking for it? When started the blog I thought I will write my first post about how to create a blog? There are millions of search results in Google for same things so what do you think how quickly you can achieve the 1st-page position in Google.

I think nobody knows it and even Google can’t tell you this so why you fighting with those people who are already there from last 10 years. I mean to say that check your audience first or do research what people actually finding on the internet it will help you to understand their needs and it will make you unique from other bloggers those are following the others people’s posts.

When I started blogging I knows very well about the Google analytic but didn’t know how to link it with search console etc. (example) so if people teaching me how to create account in analytic then what I will get in that its time waste for me but people who come with take this help and link your analytic with search console so it’s the best solution for me and definitely I will take that so it’s the logic of people needs so don’t waste your time on fake post and be real. 

2) The logic of 1% conversion Rate: –

When you started blog/website do you know how many blogs build on same time when you were making your blog. I think thousands or millions right? Now the things are those all earning huge money from that and it’s really interesting 🙂 I know there are only few one I mean 1-2 are making money from it and rest are just creating the content and posting on a website that’s it.

You know this thing very well but you can’t understand what to do when all are doing same with content so the best blogging tips you should follow in 2017 is write the content according to the audience. The logic of 1% conversions is the only 1% of bloggers takes their business seriously and works on their blog taking it as a permanent business so work hard for your goals take things seriously you will get the success for sure.

3) Not sure your passion will make money for you: –

Every person on the internet is teaching you to write about your passionate things in your blogs. I am sure no one will research on the internet is really my passion can earn money for me? In this era, you can simply create the website in 2-3 days so it’s not a big task to make a website so the main task is which niche will be perfect for you and from where you can make money for a long time.

4) You feel lonely in the whole world: –

Did you listen any one to say that I wake up till 4 AM to earn money through blog/website? You will only get the positive point of every person and will get motivation from that after that will come home and signup for WordPress/blogger to make your blog :). I am sure when you will start work from home that will be an awesome feeling for you but as long as you work on it will feel lonely in the world. It’s strange but it’s true but in that case, your followers will be your friend and when you will talk with them you will feel like a boss of thousands of people.

5) Blogging is not for everyone: –

I know you will feel little anger on me and some people will say this person has an attitude but it’s the reality and no one want to listen to it. Blogging needs time and few of us can give 100% to it. When you are in blogging you can’t think about the other things, especially in the starting. In starting you can’t even go for vacations or weekend off like your job.

You should have guts to miss your lovely party or sometimes you will find yourself declining the candlelight dinner offer with your girl friend  I don’t want to demotivate you people but sit alone and take a deep breath and think can I achieve this number of things in my life from blogging. I am sure you can achieve if you really love to help other people of the same field.

Finally, these are the truths will make you a successful blogger. I got smile much time while writing this article so really enjoyed it. I hope you will also love these real and important topics. Stay tuned for next one and please share your experience with me as well.